Thursday, December 5, 2013

WIP Thursday?: Boxes, Blocks, and Cats

So I didn't quite make it for WIP Wednesday as I was waiting for some new goodies arrive before tackling the huge amount of cutting I had to do for my Mum's Christmas quilt and the quilt I am making for Kevin.

I treated myself earlier this week to a new rotary cutter as my previous one is about as dull as a spoon. I'd originally planned to just buy some replacement blades for the one I already have but when I went to my local Joann's they were completely out of 45mm blades :o( So instead I bought the uber cute Olfa Splash (love the turquoise!) I also ordered a new Omni non-slip ruler and a box of Clover Wonder Clips on Monday. I needed a bigger ruler to make cutting WOF strips easier and I've been eyeing the Wonder Clips for a while now seeing as my worst pin-related injuries seem to happen during the binding process.

With my new cutter on hand I was able to cut all of the white strips for the Pyramid Dance quilt I'm making for my Mum. They still need to be subcut into rectangles and squares which I'll probably tackle tonight.

Seeing as Kevin opted to just hang out at his house last night I took the rare evening alone as an opportunity to get a start on his Christmas gift. For some reason I've struggled for the past several weeks to settle on a design for his quilt. I knew I wanted to do something in blue and white seeing as blue is his favorite color and I love the crisp and clean look of white and blue together. I also happened to have a butt load of blue fat quarters in my stash. I came across Allison's Orange Quilt Dimensions tutorial over at Cluck Cluck Sew a couple weeks ago and instantly knew that that was what I wanted to do. So last night I cut all 36 blue blocks and 31 white blocks (I didn't have quite enough white fabric for both quilts, damn). So far I'm really liking the look of the blocks :o)

I'm tentatively calling this one 'Blue Boy Blocks', though I hope he won't be feeling blue when he sees it!

And as always the kitties were interested in what I was doing, though at least last night they had an awesome new toy to keep them occupied...

As usual Silas had to be the first one to try out the box. This one at least was actually big enough to accommodate his butt, though I'm sure he'd like me to assure you all that he's not fat, he's just fluffy!

Emboldened by his brother's exploration of the box, Viktor (aka Little Monkey) decided to give it a try too.

Severus hung out nearby waiting for his turn.

And Lucius, always the gentleman, watched over everyone to make sure that they were all queuing properly. 

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