Wednesday, January 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Pea Jelly Jam

If you saw yesterday's post you saw this little sneak peak at one of the projects I am working on...

Well, actually it's technically two projects.

I typically do not like yellow but there is something about this yellow and white print that is just so cheerful and sunny. I love it. 

For whatever reason they are showing up a bit darker than they really are. Hopefully next time I take pictures it will actually be sunny.

As I mentioned when I started this blog, it's my darling little nieces that prompted me to give quilting a second try and launched me full-bore into my quilting obsession.

I just cannot get enough of these happy little faces!

Well now Evie and Grace are about to turn 1 and I figured it was time I got my butt into gear and got a start on the quilts I'd been thinking about making since the beginning of October. I used the Jelly Roll Jam pattern from Fat Quarter Shop just like I did when I made this quilt for Kevin's Grandmother, so I got both tops pieced and pressed in an afternoon/evening. I haven't made any progress since then unfortunately seeing as we had to go back to work last week and I managed to pick up a cold somewhere along the way. Seeing as I'm feeling better now though I hope I can get back on the sewing machine and get them finished in the next week or so. They're not going to make it back to the UK in time for the girls' birthday, poop, but hopefully they'll give their favorite aunt a little bit of leeway ;o)

Oh, and that delightful pink pea pod fabric? I have that set aside as the backing for both quilts, because seriously, how could I possibly have resisted using it for my two little peas? :o)

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  1. Your nieces are delightful! I am sure they will inspire many new projects!

  2. I love pink so this is a quilt I adore. Which jelly roll did you use. I love the muted colors. I can no longer handle the large quilts because of my back and arthritis so smaller one like this are the one I enjoy creating. This one is precious. genie

    1. Hi Genie, thanks for the comment! Pink is my favorite color too so I was really excited to work with these fabrics. I bought the jelly rolls I from Sew Fun Quilts on Etsy ( It looks like she still has a couple of them available. Just as a note - these are smaller jelly rolls so it takes a full one to make one quilt as opposed to being able to get two quilts out of one of the larger jelly rolls. Thanks for stopping by :o)

  3. Super cute colors! I really like how your jelly roll jam turned out. I wasn't sure about it from the example I have seen so far, but yours is really nice.