Saturday, October 19, 2013

Can I Move In?

This is what I asked my fiancé today when we visited the LQS. It was my first time visiting the store and as soon I stepped inside I felt like I was in absolute heaven. Or better yet, like I was home. The ladies at the store were super friendly, and not at all weirded-out by the fact that I'm a heavily tattooed sewer/quilter. The ceiling high shelves filled with bolt after bolt of fabric was one of the most beautiful sights I have ever beheld and I never wanted to leave.

My goal was to go in and get something to make a cute border on the quilt top I'm making for my mum, but foolishly I didn't think to actually take it with me, making it pretty much impossible to pick out a suitable fabric. Duh! Oh well, it just means I have an excuse to go back, right? ;o)

While I did manage to escape without boring Kevin to tears, and without too much damage to my bank account, I did splurge a little and pick up a couple fat quarters from the Bluebird Park collection. They are absolutely darling, especially this one! Who could possibly resist those adorably chubby little hedgehogs? I'm not sure yet what I'm going to make with these, but I know whatever it is will be just too cute for words. 

Now I just need to wait for payday to roll around so I can go back to get that border fabric. I just need to remember to actually take the top with me!

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