Monday, October 28, 2013

I'd Rather Be Sewing

You'd think I'd be sick and tired of sewing by now, especially after spending the past few weeks making Halloween costumes for my mum and myself (both of which were finally finished on Friday afternoon just in time for our Halloween party on Saturday!), and putting together the top of my first quilt. But no, here I am at work thinking about how much I would rather be at home sewing.

Now that all of my Halloween sewing is over it's time to get back to all of my quilting projects I'd like to get done, or at least get started on, before Thanksgiving. And today is the perfect day for sewing. It's wonderfully dreary outside and very chilly! Perfect for snuggling up at home in front of the patio door watching the fat little bunnies chasing each other on the small patch of grass between us the building behind us. I'm not sure who likes watching them more, me or the kitties.

I had an idea this afternoon for a fun little project I'd like to do to use up some leftover squares from the Scrumptious Charm Pack I used to make mum's quilt. I've been wanting to try making some pinwheel blocks and I think they would be the perfect size for some coasters/mug rugs. And I have just the perfect person in mind to give them to - a wonderful lady that I've had the pleasure of working with for the past couple years organizing and planning the annual conference the company I works for puts on for all of our users. Leslie is an absolute blessing, and I adore both her and her husband (like me, she is lucky enough to work with her husband, also named Kevin). She's stopping by the office later this week for a meeting to start planning the conference for next year which I think gives me just enough time to whip up some cute little mug rugs.

Now the only question is, can I go home yet?

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