Monday, January 13, 2014

Hammering In My Head Don't Stop

Does anyone remember that Garbage song from back in '98? Yeah, that's how my head is feeling right now, and has been for the last four or five days. I'm convinced that a team of gnomes have moved into my skull and are currently mining for coal, or diamonds, or maybe they're just digging for snot. Yuck.

At this point I'm not sure if its a cold or allergies though I'm not sure how it could be allergies, seeing as you know, it's December... and everything is dead! And yet it doesn't really feel like a cold. Which means I'm probably being done in by the fact that a couple weeks ago I went from having four cats in my house to six.

Yup. You heard me right.

I'm now the proud mama to crazy cat lady owner/slave of six fuzzballs.

The recent additions to the house include Merlin, a 17-year-old Siamese who has been nicknamed The Crypt Keeper and Sammy, a 7-year-old tabby who is the only girl in the house. Poor lamb.

She's not terribly impressed by all of the boys, or maybe she doesn't approve of random pairs of jeans on the living room floor. You should probably ignore those...

Merlin and Sammy are my fiancĂ© Kevin's kitties, and we're now all living under one roof which is awesome and super exciting. It's so nice when bedtime rolls around and he doesn't have to head home to his place, and no longer feeling guilty about either his kitties or my kitties being left alone all the time is great. I'm just hoping that the allergies settle down soon, or my boy Silas might not be the only one who gets semi-regular haircuts. 

Now I'm just wishing I could go in search of a dark and quiet room to curl up in.

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