Thursday, January 16, 2014

Little Bunnies

There hasn't been much sewing activity this week as I've still had some funkyness going on with my head and we've been making an effort to be social and get out of the house, which is a nice change seeing as I barely moved off of the couch all weekend.

But that's not to say that there hasn't been any sewing going on. I stumbled across this darling little pattern for a rag doll bunny last week. It's put together by the very talented Alicia Paulson over at Posie: Rosy Little Things. I ended up going with the PDF pattern rather than the full kit because I have a weird thing about fabric textures and felt is just one of those fabrics I cannot stand the feel of, and because I'm impatient as all hell and hate waiting for packages to arrive.

I had some scraps of Bella Solid in Snow lying around and thought that a little cream colored bunny would be absolutely adorable. I also decided to machine stitch the various body parts and just hand stitch the details. When I make this again (because I am totally going to make a pair of them for my nieces, and possibly one for my Mum) I think I will opt to hand stitch the whole thing, but will probably still go with cotton rather than felt. While my embroidery skills are a little rusty (I haven't embroidered anything in over twenty years) I don't think I did too bad with bunny's little eyes and nose, which I had to make pink rather than brown as specified in the pattern, because I love pink.

Adorable, right? I love her, she's just so squee!

In addition to the pattern for little miss bunny herself, I also downloaded this pattern for a wee little pair of pants and a button down shirt. Those little buttons are so cute I could scream :o) In fact, I might have eeped a little when I first saw them.

Through the magic of Adobe Illustrator I was able to play with the pattern for the pants and shirt, and the dress that comes with miss bunny and work up some patterns for some bloomers, a petticoat and a couple different dress styles. I can't wait to start making them!

So, that's it so far this week. No progress on any of the quilts I have going, and another project added to my list for the year. I might be in trouble!

Oh, and because I'm trying to take more pictures per this post, here's Tuesday's picture. I told Kevin to show me his pretty face, this is what I got...

He's such a stinker, but I <3 him anyway!

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